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2ndboot2ndinitAKM AK8973
AKM AK8973 Linux driverAnalog Devices ADP5588Analog Devices ADP8870
Application Processor Boot ROMAptina 5131Asahi Kasei Microsystems AK8973N
Asahi Kasei Microsystems AK8975Atmel ATmega324PAvago FEM7758
Avago FEM7781BP firmwareBaseband Processor Boot ROM
BootRecoverySignatureBooting chainBroadcom BCM4325
Broadcomm BCM4750Bruteforce
Building with AOSPCDTCDT DroidX
CSSTCalifornia Micro Devices CM1692Compiling
Custom recovery:alternative methodsCustom recovery:pr attackCyanogenMod
CyanogenMod 4 Milestone FAQCyanogenMod for MilestoneCyanogenMod for Milestone/Battery performance
CyanogenMod for Milestone/Known issuesCyanogenMod for Milestone/Version historyDebugging
Device informationDisassemblingDisplay Subsystem
EFuseFAQFM radio
Fairchild Semiconductor FAN5902GSM/CDMA-chainHacked Features
How to load mbmloader from SD cardISWInfineon BGA735L16
Infineon Smarti 3G UEmicroInteresting linksJTAG
Kernel sourcesKionix KXTF9L3 firewall
Legal AttackLinux kernelM-Shield
MBM backup attackMain Page
Maxim MAX2395MbmMbmloader
Milestone device/vendor repoModesMotorola Atrix
Motorola CharmMotorola DEXTMotorola DEXT kernel output
Motorola DEXT proc filesMotorola DefyMotorola Droid
Motorola Droid 2Motorola Droid 4Motorola Droid X
Motorola MilestoneMotorola Milestone 2Motorola Milestone XT720
Motorola Ruth ME511Motorola Sholes Tablet XT701Motorola Titanium XT800
Motorola sec driverNXP TDA19989National Semiconductor LM3530
National Semiconductor LM3535National Semiconductor LM3554National Semiconductor LP3907
ON Semiconductor NUF8401MNT4GOSRAM Opto Semiconductors SFH4058OSRAM Opto Semiconductors SFH7743
OmniVision OV8810Open recoveryPPA
PatchesProjectsPublic bounty
QEMUQualcomm MSM7201AQualcomm QSC6085
ROM FlashingRoadmap
Rohm BU52014HFVRohm BU9847Root attack
SBF MilestoneSTMicroelectronics LIS331DLHSecure Monitor
Secure ServicesSecuritySkyworks SKY77529
Supertex HV861SwapTMS320C55x+
Texas Instruments BQ27505Texas Instruments OMAP3430Texas Instruments OMAP3630
Texas Instruments TMS320C6454Texas Instruments TPS62601Texas Instruments TWL5030
Texas Instruments WL1271Texas Instruments Wrigley 3G
ToolchainTriQuint TQM613029TriQuint TQM679002
TriQuint TQM6M9008Triquint TQM616025Trust Zone
UARTUSB driversUsbSerialCable
Vulnerability huntingWilink firmwareWine
Wrigley 3G